English Madrigals


CD-Rom with 750 PDF files: price only £30.00/ €38.00

English MadrigalsVincenti Digital's unique publishing project allows you to browse and print around 300 English madrigals both as scores and sets of parts. What's more, about 80 of the pieces also appear in transposed versions (usually down a 4th). Provided you are printing for your own use, there are no limits to how many copies you print. All titles are supplied as PDF files, so they are good both for PCs and Macs

Cost Comparison for a choir:

40 copies of a 5-page madrigal from a conventional publisher will cost you, if you can negotiate a discount, around £50.00. The cost of toner and paper to print your own from our CD would be around £4.00/€5 (rather less if you have access to a new generation digital copier). Our CD-Rom costs £30 postfree. You are in profit after printing one piece. Why are you still hesitating?


Why parts? Because many of these pieces are described on the original title pages as "apt for voices and viols", and many of the slower, more melancholy pieces sound fantastic on mixtures of voices and instruments, or just on instruments. Our sets of parts include alternatives for both strings and wind, with inner parts in both alto and treble-transposing clefs.

From the instrumentalist's perspective, an advantage of playing texted music such as madrigals is that you know where to breath, and which are the strong, which the weak notes.


About a third of the pieces come in two versions, one at the original notated pitch, the other transposed down (usually a 4th). You will probably find that these pieces sound much better at the lower pitch, especially if you are playing them on viols. Many of the the 3-part pieces in particular are originally notated at a rather high pitch, and are more comfortable down a 4th.


Our CD-Rom now contains four clickable indexes:when you have found a title that looks interesting you click and the whole score comes up. Index 1 is a thematic index, which shows you the first line, togetherwith the ranges of the parts. The other three are text indexes, listing the pieces by composer, title and voice-combination respectively.


Printing from PDF gives you some flexibility: you can scale the pages up or down. The default of course is A4, but if you want a larger size you can print to A3. You can, of course, print out single or multiple coies of a particular page for hand-outs at lectures, for instance.


Morley, Canzonets or Little Short Songs to three Voyces, 1594 [24 pieces]

Morley, Madrigals to Foure Voyces, The First Book, 1594 [24 pieces]

Morley, Canzonets or Little Short Aers to Five and Six Voices, 1597 [21 pieces]

East, Madrigals to 3.4. and 5. parts apt for Viols and voices, 1604 [24 pieces]

East, The Second set of Madrigals to 3.4. and 5. parts: apt for Viols and voices [22 pieces]

Farmer, John, The First Set of English Madrigals: To foure Voices, 1599 [17 pieces]

Ward, The First Set of English Madrigals. . . apt both for Viols and Voyces, 1613 [28 pieces]

Weelkes, Madrigals To 3.4. 5 & 6 voyces, 1597 [24 pieces]

Weelkes, Balletts and Madrigals to five voices, 1598 [24 pieces]

Wilbye, First Set of English Madrigals To 3.4. 5. and 6. voyces, 1598 [30 pieces]

Wilbye, Second Set of Madrigals To 3.4. 5. and 6 parts, 1609 [34 pieces]

Tomkins, Songs Of 3.4. 5. and 6 parts, 1622 [28 pieces]



Early Music for recorders

If you like early music please visit London Pro Musica ( www.londonpromusica.com ), where you can find out about around 1000 titles that you can play on recorders, by composers such as Holborne, Susato, Praetorius and all the favourites.

Dolce Edition (www.dolce-edition.com ) publishes only music for recorder (blockflute). From the start we have concentrated on finding fine music from a variety of sources, rather than just churning out yet more mediocre baroque sonatas.. We have many works by Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, Scarlatti and Purcell. This year we will be adding to our Bach collection with a massive volume of unaccompanied pieces, following the success of the 6 sonatas after the organ trios from last year.

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